Everything starts with a kids playhouse and ends with kids having a buggy time!

Throwing an insect themed birthday party can easily be done by using a kids playhouse as the primary location for all the fun.

Six legged guests can be added to a kid’s birthday celebration in a number of ways. Here are several ways to incorporate them into the festivities without the guests being scared away

1.Make food that “bugs” your guests! Sandwiches are easy and can be created to look like different insects and arachnids.

Kids will enjoy eating “spider” sandwiches that are made from cutting bread into circles, filing the insides with peanut butter, and adding long, thin slices of bananas to the sides of the bread to make them look like spider legs. For eyes, place two chocolate chips or raisins on the top.

Another option is to make “Ants on a Log” which will look like ants marching. Using a stalk of celery, spread peanut butter along the celery, then place ants in a line on the peanut butter. Of course, you can’t leave off a bug shaped birthday cake!

2. Decorate with bug themed balloons, streamers, napkins and plates. If you can’t find bug printed decorations that you like, make your own!

Use items like construction paper to make paper insects like Ladybugs or pompoms to make “caterpillars” that you can stick on the walls or place strategically around the wooden playhouse.

When it comes to having bugs in the playhouse, this will be one time when you will want as many as possible.

3. Set up a Bug Scavenger Hunt. Parents can place bugs in and around their kids wooden playhouses.

Bug catcher boxes should be given as party favors to each guest which could encourage the guest to use after the party as they look and learn about bugs. To add extra bugginess, you may want to sprinkle bug shaped fruit snacks around the table for kids to munch on.

A kids playhouse, bug boxes, and lots of insect inspired decorations will make a child’s bug themed birthday an awesome event that others will thoroughly enjoy.

This may be the only time when children will be excited to eat “bugs”. The fun will go on and on and your kid will be happy that there were lots of six-legged friends into the day’s activities