It recent years dinner parties have become the perfect way to socialize whilst not spending a fortune eating out. It can be difficult however, if you have never run a dinner party, to know what you need and what people expect. Here is what you need to know about setting up a table for your guests –

Glasses. In an ideal world, you should have a minimum of 3 different glasses for each person.  Wine glasses are must, but it doesn’t need to be crystal glass. A secondary straight glass is often provided for other drinks and water can be drunk from a tumbler.

Decanters. As an alternative to serving each drink in the bottle it came in, decanters are a very practical option. These not only look better than branded bottles but also do not clutter up the table like empties do and can be filled very easily.

Napkins and cloths. Table cloths are a must both for aesthetic and practical reasons, but they must be free of offensive colors. There should be a napkin at each place setting and a number in reserve if anyone needs extra or for any spills that often occur.

Cutlery.Depending on what is being eaten your should have the suitable cutlery, although as a minimum you should have 2 forks, 2 knives and a spoon. The proper method for using you cutlery is to work from the outside in as the courses continue, therefore you should make sure your pieces are set up in that order.

Dressing. In order to make your table setting stand out from the crowd, you can place great additionally item on it as long as you’re sensible.  Candle holders look great in moderation, as do glass vases filled with fresh flowers. Some tables are of an adequate size to accommodate a large center piece.