So you want to create a great Halloween Party for the whole family and friends but do not know what theme to choose or how to make it happen. Well you’ve come to the right place. Although there are numerous ideas that maybe going through your mind why not choose Star Wars, with it’s unique appeal to both the young and older age group.

This was achieved by both of its outstanding movie trilogies that captivated the minds of the two generations. Here below are some ideas and games that can help you keep the younger ones occupied so you can either marvel at there excitement and smiles or enjoy your own party: Asteroid Hunt: Obtain small treats or gifts and wrap them in aluminum foil.

Hide them in anywhere in the home or garden. At the party, let the kids search throughout the ‘galaxy’. The kids will love the excitement of opening their rocks and discovering riches! Light Saber Training Course: Make some light sabers with foam insulation pipe or whatever you can find. Wrap 4-6 inches from the end with colored sticky tape to make a handle. One red, one black, blue etc. To play, split the kids into teams to go through a challenging course. Each team will get one “Light Saber”. Create tasks for each potential Jedi to accomplish with the light saber in hand.

Such as: Hit ping pong balls with the light saber, Crawl or bursting bubbles with the light saber. Star Wars Party Bags: Make your own party bags by filling plastic party cups decorated with Star Wars Stickers. Write each child’s name with glitter glue and fill with glow in the dark items, flashlights, glow-balls and small Star Wars toys and treats.

You could even add some Star Wars Halloween Costumes as well if you were really extravagant. I hope you think my Halloween Party ideas are good and you try some out for yourselves, but if you want too really add to the realism then why not add some Star Wars Halloween Costumes into the mix.

With a Star Wars Halloween Costumes you may become one of the characters you want for the night, whether it be Anakin or Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda of even R2D2. Enjoy Halloween.