Are you beginning to plan your child’s birthday? If so, you’re likely searching for kids party ideas and probably inexpensive party tips as well. While there are many kids party ideas out there, if you want your child’s birthday to be a hit the main focus should be planning a stress-free party. After all, you want to enjoy it as much as they do!


Some of the best kids party ideas for locations include renting a party location in your town. Most towns have pizza eateries, inflatable play lands or other accommodations for a fun party. Unless you love to clean up after fifteen wild kids and their parents, choose to have the party outside your home. When you rent these locations, you often get a party helper, set up crew and clean up crew included which can be amazing for a busy party day.


If you have the choice, you may be able to add a food package onto your party package via your chosen location. But, if not you should keep the food simple. Most kids party ideas say the food you serve depends on the time of day you’re holding your party. If your party is around lunch or dinner times, you should plan on feeding the children pizza, hamburgers or another appropriate food. However, if not you can get away with offering cupcakes, cake or ice cream as the only food option.

Goodie Bags

To save money on goodie bags, you may want to hit up party supply wholesale stores. These stores often offer bulk goodie bag toys at discounted prices. Otherwise, you can create your own goodie bags with candy, pencils and other fun items found at any discount store in your area.