If you want to be as scary as you can be during Halloween, forget about vampires costumes, witches costumes, ogre costumes and other scary costumes. If you really want to be scariest go for some male Klingon Star Trek costumes and that would be very scary. That’s right.

Not only you can find a lot of different usual scary monsters Halloween costumes, you can also find some different varieties and designs for Halloween costumes and some of these costumes are Star Trek costumes, Star Wars costumes and you can even become the super hero of your dreams. You can become Batman, Superman, one of the Fantastic Four or even The Beast of X-Men.

But for the Star Trek fanatics, and it could even be you, these Star Trek costumes can be your most awesome outfit this Halloween. You can even ask your girlfriend and some of your friends if you can all go to the local community Halloween dance party as the whole crew of the USS Enterprise.

You can be the captain, James T. Kirk, one of your friends can be Dr. Bones McCoy and the other friend of yours can be Mr. Sulu, Mr. Spock, another one a Klingon and maybe your girlfriend can be Nyota Uhura.

Can you just picture out when people start to focus their attention on you and see the whole staff and crew of the USS Enterprise walking right inside the school mult-purpose building with real-life Star Trek costumes? For sure, all of you will be head turners for the said occasion.

And if you do plan to go trick or treating, home owners will be wide eyed in amazement to see you all dressed in your Star Trek costume and you might even get a lot of candies or goodies because of what you are wearing.

And do tell Mom and Dad that they can also get some kiddie-sized Star Trek costumes should your little brother and sister would like to go with their friends and also do some trick or treating upon this coming Halloween night.