For you to have an awesome school Halloween party you first need to know how to decorate your classroom. Some of the coolest decorations are very inexpensive so you can really do some neat things even on a small budget!

Fantastic Ideas For Table Decor

A bright orange paper table cloth works really well to cover the tables especially if you are serving any kind of food. The table cloth is a lot more sanitary than a bare tabletop, which has a lot of germs and bacteria. The solid paper table cloth gives children the option of drawing Halloween designs on it. To create a beautiful centerpiece you can just use an arrangement of white, orange and black balloons. Put the balloons together and add Halloween pictures, suckers or plastic spiders to fill out the centerpiece.

Easy Streamer Ghosts

No school Halloween party is complete without classroom decorations that hang from the ceiling. For an easy classroom decorating idea, begin with a white rectangle of construction paper and tape 2 ends together to make a tube with a fairly large diameter. Once you have the body of the ghosts completed you can cut some streamers using either crepe paper or white plastic trash bags. Both work fine so it’s really up to you what you want to use. Attach the streamers to the bottom underside of the construction paper tube with tape or glue. Lastly, allow the children to use their imagination and draw some funny faces on the ghosts! After they are all finished drawing faces and decorating the ghosts you can hang them from the ceiling all around the classroom.

Create a Spooky Corner

If you have some children in your class who are a little bit too young for the classroom party you can make a fun little haunted corner.  The haunted corner doesn’t have to be anything complex. You can make a pretty neat one just by hanging a black curtain or piece of fabric. When putting up the sheet make sure you leave some kind of opening so you can see what the children are doing and make sure they are not causing any trouble. Fake spider webs hanging down to brush against the children’s’ heads when they step in or a small table with a bowl full of something gooey are a couple ideas for how to decorate the haunted corner.

Fun Projects and Activities

Set up a table with a variety of activities for your students. One fun craft students will enjoy is painting small pumpkins that they can take home. A stack of brightly colored foam sheets can be used to make Halloween decorations that can be re-used year after year. Suggest that the students cut an oval or rectangular background for their decoration and then provide Halloween themed stencils of cats, pumpkins, ghosts, owls, moons and witches that they can trace, cut out and glue to the background to create a Halloween scene.

Yummy Decorative

Students seem to really enjoy doing crafts and activities, and when they are allowed to eat what they worked on when they are finished they seem to enjoy it even more! One edible classroom decorating idea is to allow the students to use tubes of icing to decorate cupcakes. The spider pop is another edible activity. Have the students cover lollipop tops with squares of black tissue paper. Next, show them how to fasten the tissue paper with four black pipe cleaners wrapped around once so that four legs stick out evenly on either side. They can then put wiggly eyes in the center of the pipe cleaners to make eyes.

These fun classroom decoration ideas for a Halloween party require little more than the classroom craft supplies you probably already have. All you need is a little bit more food like a fruit tray, some beverages, and a few fun activities, and you are all set to have an awesome classroom Halloween party!