He followed his bride to be to every single floral shop, to every cake tasting meeting, through every page of every magazine and now it is his turn to have fun. Let’s face it, a wedding is mostly about one person; the bride.

She is primarily the one who is fulfilling her dreams from when she was a child and making every fantasy come true. And yes, the men enjoy the party that a wedding brings and are fulfilling their dreams by marring the girl that they love but, they are secretly living through it for one thing; the bachelor party.

This is his only time to shine. This is the only thing throughout the entire wedding process that is all about him. And that’s what bachelor party planning entails; giving him the night he deserves.

Almost always the one to plan the bachelor party is the best man. Even though the ushers are involved, the best man needs to take the lead. The first thing that the best man should do is to find out what the groom would like for his last night of freedom.

It is pretty cliche to think that all men would like to see a half naked girl dancing on their laps. This is not a bachelor party trend. A lot of men feel like they want to get “it out of their system” in order to settle down.

Again, it is completely up to the groom. If this is something that he would like to do, then it is up to the best man and his ushers to fulfill his wishes. Iff you are looking for an alternative, there are many other things you can do.

Maybe the groom is a little more wholesome and not interested in seeing anyone but his future wife dance around half naked. That is OK also. Instead of planning a trip to the strip bar, plan a trip to an adult arcade where you can buy alcohol and food as well as play the games. Or you might want to go to a batting cage.

Although it does not serve food or drinks, that is something you can do afterwards. Think about taking your friend and all of his friends to play paint ball. It is a good way to release nervous energy and bond with the guys. Pay for a limo with a driver to eliminate any problems with a designated driver. Everyone at the bachelor party can have an equal amount of fun.

The guest list and who should pay are some things that a lot of guys have trouble figuring out. Who should you invite to the bachelor party? It should definitely be the father of the bride and groom and any male relatives.

If you have any question as towho should be invited, talk to the bride. She will be able to provide you with an accurate list of who should be invited plus their addresses or telephone numbers. While you’re at it, at this point you must talk to the bride about some things that she would not appreciate her groom getting involved in.

Be a good friend, and save your friend from any problems in the future. Who pays the bill for the night is a little more tricky. You may get lucky with a father-in-law of the groom who is willing to pay for the whole night. But, if that is not the case add up how much you think the night would cost and divide it by the number of guys going. Leave out the groom so he does not have to pay anything. Don’t forget to include tips in the cost of each event.

Above all, the bachelor party is a time to let loose and have a good time. Be the best man you can be and give the groom everything he wants.