Hollywood Theme Party Mylar BalloonNowadays, there are many kinds of costume parties held in accordance to a particular party theme.

In this kind of party every guest will have an possibility to be a ‘different’ person by wearing a special outfit for the party.

The following are some themes for costume parties you may throw in the future.

Theme Party Ideas

This is just your imagination which limits the possibilities for a dress-up theme party.

Create a theme general enough so that guests who like to go over the top can have enough freedom to go all out with the idea, but guests who are conventional and shy about dressing up can search fora staid costume alternative.

Hollywood: A Hollywood theme is ideal for an Oscar party or a festivity where the amusement is watching a novel release on DVD. Punk: Several guests will decide to throw Mohawk and several will go faux-hawk; others can merely use black with a studded bracelet or dog collar as their costume clothe.

In troops theme, you can create your own costume or go to a costume shop to find a extraordinary suitable troop costume for you. You could opt from naval, army, pilot, nurse to war detainees for your clothes.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Pirate parties are all the rage. Gentleman guests will delight in the opportunity to put a patch over one eye. The female guests will appreciate the chance to pull the neckline of a peasant blouse down around their shoulders.

Wild Wild West: Indians, prospectors and ranchers will come together with cowboys and saloon girls. Those can be great costume garment for everyone.

Sports – Anything relates to a sports theme. It’s excitement to discover uniforms for football, baseball, and basketball players, and the cheer leading costume garment offer something attractive for men or women to wear. Anything they want can be worn by the shy guests and say they are masquerading as a supporter.

Masked ball: A formal dress masquerade is a throwback to another period, and each guest will treasure the invitee. Elaborate masks of sequins and feathers bring together with twilight wear and formal wear. This is an extremely extraordinary costume party, and it takes a certain host or hostess to pull it off.

Fab Fifties: Sometimes referred to as an “Elvis” theme party, costumes at this party will summon from the 1950s, using the feature film Grease as a model for costume ideas.

In the bottom line, there are a number of kinds of themes to select for a special costume party.

Be sure that you decide the most suitable one without neglecting the other important elements in your party. Seeking for further information from an internet would be a good alternative to expand your future costume party.

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