Oh, how fast time flies. It seems like only yesterday when you first saw your little one come into this world. Now, your kid is turning another year older! Just like any parent, you would want to celebrate your child’s birthday the best way possible. To help you plan for a smashing hit birthday party for your sweet pea, here are some steps on how to plan for one.

Step 1: Think of a theme

First, you have to decide on a theme. Having a themed birthday party is great for a number of reasons. For one, it makes the whole planning easier and simpler because your choices are narrowed down to those related to the theme. Aside from that, it makes the party more fun and exciting especially if you get to choose a theme that your kid really likes.

Speaking of that, it is necessary to have a theme that your child would appreciate. If your kid is into pirates and treasures islands, a pirate theme would be apt. If your child is fond of cars, you would probably choose a car racing birthday theme. Now, if you always find your little one acting in front of the mirror, then you may want a theme that has a Hollywood theme.

Step 2: Make a list

Next, you have to make a comprehensive checklist for all the things that you need. For a birthday party the common things you need include the following:

___ Party Venue

___ Invitations

___ Party Favors

___ Decorations

___ Guest List

___ Activities/Games

___ Menu

___ Balloons

___ Birthday Cake

___ Prizes for the Games

___ Food

___ Chairs and Tables

___ Plates and Utensils

___ Camera and Video Camera

___ Loot Bags

___ Party Supplies (napkins, party hats)

Step 3: Buy and make arrangements

After you have created the checklist, you can work on to buy the necessary party supplies and make arrangements for party service providers. Again, the theme will come into play during this stage of preparations because you need everything to be in line with the theme.

Let’s start off with the invitations and party favors. If you want your kid’s birthday party to be memorable, you would probably want invitations that are out of the box and creative. One good option would be candy bar wrappers, which can be personalized and customized according to your liking. Online, you will find a wide variety of online stores selling such kinds of products. You would most probably not have difficulty finding a custom chocolate bar cover fit for the party theme you are planning to have.

For example, if you are planning to have a pirate themed birthday party, a pirate design chocolate bar wrapper is available. The “Best Actress” candy bar wrappers, meanwhile, are perfect for your kid’s Hollywood glam party. There are also the cars candy wrappers and football candy covers suitable for racing cars and sports theme, respectively. These wrappers are unique, inexpensive, and fun way to invite your guests. Not to mention, you can also use them as party favors, prizes for games, and as a treat for the loot bags.

Also, you have to plan out games and activities for the kids to keep them entertained during the party. These would again depend on the type of theme you are having. If you are having an African Safari theme, you may want to hire face painters that would paint the kids’ faces to make them look as if they are wild tigers and lions. If you are having a sports theme, you may want to plan a game of basketball as part of the activities.

As for the other supplies and services, most of them are accessible online. Just be sure that you make arrangements in advance so that you have plenty of time with the other aspects of the planning. See to it too that you stick to the theme and that you ask ideas or suggestions from your kid.

Step 4: Send out invitations

After you have everything mapped out, it is time to send out the invitations. Send the invites early on, preferably two to three weeks before the party so that guests can fit this into their busy schedules.

Step 5: Decorate the place

On the day of the party, do last minute preparations such as decorating the place and making sure that everything is going to run smoothly.

The last and most important step of all is of course to enjoy the party! Do not be too harassed with the event. This is a child’s birthday party and you should be able to have fun too!