The most liked bulk glow sticks among people of all ages are versatile 6” glow sticks, assorted color glow necklaces as well as glow bracelets. They come in many wonderful colors including red, pink, green, yellow, orange, blue, purple and white. As far as packaging of glow products, glow sticks are normally individually packed in foil bags and sometimes bulk packed as well. Then for glow bracelets and necklaces, they are packed with  (50) or (100) in a tube. The benefit of individually packaging is that large vendors buy bulk glowsticks at wholesale prices from wholesalers or distributors and sell them as retail items. Bulk packaging is definitely recommended for use in your own event as it is a big time saver. Bulk glow sticks are ready to use as there is no individual wrapping.

White glow sticks are one of the most popular glow items. For July 4th celebration, they are most popular along with blue and red colors glow items. White glow sticks are also widely used at wedding receptions. Together with green ones, white glow sticks are used for Christmas decorations.

As the glowing process of a glow stick is fundamentally a reaction of two chemicals, external temperatures can to a great extent influence the speed of that chemical reaction. High temperature causes the chemical reaction to be more active and rapid. Then higher intensity leads to brighter glowing of glow sticks. However, due to the higher reacting speed, the glow sticks will have shorter glow duration. For the same theory, if you want the glow sticks to glow longer, you can restrain the speed of the chemical reaction by putting glow sticks in the refrigerator, but they will become dimmer. Glow sticks are great for decorating parties. A few ideas, you can use the 1.5” mini glowsticks to add holiday colors to your centerpiece, put some assorted colors glow hearts on your wall, build a glow vase by throwing some glow sticks and necklaces in a glass vase, and purely lay glow sticks around for lightening. Turn off the lights and everyone will be amazed by the wowing effect from the cool glowing colors. Look for bulk glow sticks & other fun glowing items for your event today.