Besides the jumping castle, One of the most important parts of any kind of party is the food, in fact that is what some people look forward to most. With all the running around and playing, you are bound to have a lot of hungry children on your hands. You need to consider the fact that not all children will like the same things. Luckily though, most children are easily pleased with tasty treats.

The food should be filling and easy to handle, in small portions for small hands. Hot dogs are always a good choice, with the right condiments and some crisps on the side. Pizza is also a firm favorite around kids, although you may need to get a few different kinds to cater to different tastes. Some children may be dairy resistant, or not able to eat certain meats. The safe rule is to have two kinds of foods just in case one of the kinds is not eaten by children. This could be chicken wings or drumsticks, hamburgers and also pizza and hot dogs.

Having a table laden with finger foods and delicious snacks is also a great way to keep everyone happy and well fed. Most children, enjoying themselves in the festivities, will not be keen on sitting down to a proper meal. Instead, offer the food in buffet style on the table and they will be content. Some good light meals and snacks include sausage rolls, meatballs, chicken drumsticks, mini hot dogs and hamburgers. Some more finger foods to add are sticks of cheese and even fresh fruit arranged in an appealing manner.

One of the most highly anticipated aspects of the party are the cake and sweets. Naturally you will want to give the children the more nourishing food, so after you have laid out the snacks and finger foods, then you can display the cake and desserts. Cupcakes are always a popular party choice as they are smaller and more likely to be eaten completely. Bowls filled with sweets, chips and marshmallows are always a party staple. If the party is during the warmer months, and you want to serve ice-cream, be sure to offer chocolate, strawberry and vanilla too to cater for different tastes.

If you have any rented entertainment at the birthday party, such as a jumping castle, you will need to ensure that no one eats while using it. Most jumping castles companies will not be impressed if they collect a soiled castle.