80s Pop Star CostumeEverybody loves a party. One of the party ideas that has become extremely popular is that of 80s theme parties.

A theme party is centered around a particular era, topic, historical event, the music and movie industry among others.

Not only is the food, drink and decorations centered around the party theme, but the guests, as well as the host and hostess dress according to their party theme.

There was a lot going on in the 80’s, from politics to entertainment. There are some great ideas for an 80’s costume to match the theme of the party.

Kid’s and men can have a great time with deciding on an 80’s costume. Michael Jackson was always a popular figure to dress like and emulate. Mike (MC) Hammer a music video star is easy with a fishnet shirt under a a metallic gold suit with those infamous baggy pants.

That baggy, white suit, accompanied by a bright colored t-shirt, along with those sexy sunglasses to become Miami Vice for the night will drive all of the ladies crazy.

The ladies can have as much fun as the guys with their 80s party costume ideas. Madonna with the colored hair, and wild clothing from the fish net stockings, short skirts and tight tops accentuated by those spike heals, shiny thigh boots with the turtle backpack maybe, will allow your sexy lady go a little wild while having fun.

The popular tight T-shirt dresses in green, and a headband will certainly let your body building lady be a fit Ninja Turtle for the night.

The WWF played on television in almost every home. Some of the popular wrestlers was Nature Boy with this studded suits and long cape. The tight leotard type pants without a shirt, but a tuxedo bib, along with the muscles of course, would be a perfect Beefcake costume.

The 80’s was a historical time with Ronald Regan as the U.S. President and Nancy Regan as First Lady for those who want to enter the party as an elegant couple.

Of course, for those who truly want to be elegant ladies, an elegant dress or gown, with tiara, definitely would be perfect for that Lady Diana costume. The 80’s had a lot going on. Every guest to a theme party will not have any problem deciding on a great 80’s costume.

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