The most memorable parties are surprise parties. They help a person feel loved and important.

Almost everyone likes to be surprised, so if you want to do something really special for someone on their next birthday consider a surprise party. Consider the following tips for a fabulous surprise party:

Enlist help! Surprise parties require help. You have to have someone get contact information for the invitees.

You need to make sure the guests keep the secret for the event to be a success. Somebody will need to keep the guest of honor occupied while the party is being set up.

Don’t try to throw the party by yourself. Get some friends to help you out instead.

Secret invites. Be as sneaky as possible when you are sending out the invites. The worst thing you can do is send a mass text and accidentally text them too! Or have somebody accidentally RSVP to them. Be super sneaky.

Email is a great way to send out invites to a surprise party. You can use messaging systems on social networking sites like Facebook too.

If you send a written invite, make sure to make it clear this is a surprise party. When you send a text, ask people not to reply.

Decorations. Parties aren’t the same without decoration. Not only will it make the atmosphere more lively, it will help indicate what you are doing.

Many times the person being surprised has been misled in some way. So, having streamers or a banner will clue them in to the fact that it is a birthday party and get them excited to join in.

Food and activities. Sometimes people are so caught up in making it a surprise that they neglect to plan for after everyone yells surprise.

Make sure you plan the rest of the party after the initial surprise, otherwise all your careful planning will go to waste on a boring party.

Timing. One of the key ingredients to a surprise party is having the guests arrive before the person whose birthday it is. So, when you invite people, have them be at the location at least a half hour before you intend for the birthday person to show up.

Also, make sure the guests don’t park out front or leave anything out that will give away the surprise. You’ll need an inside man that can let you know when they are near so everyone can hide for the surprise jump out.

If the guest of honor is early there may not be anybody there to surprise them, so this piece is critical.