Young and old alike enjoy a costume party. Wearing a costume gives a person the chance to be someone else, even if only for a short while.

Maybe you’ve always fantasized about being a pirate, a belly dancer or a nurse.

Hosting a costume party will allow you to fulfill that fantasy, while also allowing your guests to fulfill their own. Of course, it is a lot of fun too.

The major part of a costume party is the costumes! Be sure to send around a list of local shops or online stores that sell costumes to your invited guests.

If you don’t want any costumes to be represented twice, ask that everyone get their costumes at one location and have a “taken” list.

Only do this when you have a concern that everyone will show up as Superman or another character, as you really want your guests to be able to choose the costume they will enjoy wearing the most.

A benefit of having a costume party is that the costumes will really be the focus. Decorations, food, and entertainment will be secondary to who is wearing what.

The secret to throwing a costume party is organization and planning. Set the date for your party, pick a theme (if you want one), purchase invitations and get them sent out, organize the food, music and entertainment around the theme you chose, and be prepared for an extra person or two to show up.

This will allow you to enjoy being another person for the night, instead of worrying about the party itself.