Pirate Mate Child CostumeHalloween is drawing near and your kids are tugging at your dress screaming about how they can’t wait for trick or treating; but more than candy they adore their costume! Kids and parents love Halloween.

Halloween is a time of everybody getting to live out their fantasy characters or their favorite celebrity- even cartoon characters and joining others to share your costume.

Pirate costume ideas for kids are a popular choice for Halloween. Who wouldn’t want to play a pirate for a night?

You get to wear a great eye patch, and the shirt? a puffy striped and 3 musketeers-ian style that reeks of ‘commander and chief’!

What kid doesn’t want a play sword to do battle with their other friends (did I mention a lot of kids are wearing pirate costumes, complete with sword?) who also have swords in an epic trick or treat battle for the candy gods treat.

You also get to say Arrrrrrg every time you hit the doorstep and everyone else is yelling trick or treat!

It’s a riot with other kids wearing the pirate costume too! Kids costumes have come a long way over the years. The pirate costumes are nicely detailed and more realistic than they used to be.

Kids these days want authenticity, especially the older kids (8-15) who are also wearing the pirate costumes.

With some of the really cool nerf like swords they are not just props anymore! They are actually in many cases designed for playing. Kids want to play, even when they go trick or treating.

They also spend the entire day in costume playing at school on the playground so having a great nerf sword, authentic looking cloth pirate outfit which by the way you can make at home!

If you want to change any part of the “packaged” pirate outfit you can just supplement it with your own clothing.

If your child has a vest that would fit better than the plastic one in a lower end costume then swap it out and adorn it with the trinkets and badges. Kids enjoy the process of making a costume even upgrading one!