When one thinks of kids Disney costumes, we typically think of fall and Halloween.

However, these costumes have an appeal that transcends just one simple day of the year.

Increasingly, many kids have become involved in themed birthday parties, school plays or talent shows, or have just become more interested in dressing up in play times.

Whereas dolls were wildly popular in the past and still are a favorite thing to do, dressing one’s own self up has become increasingly trendy.

Nothing fits the bill better in this regard than classical Disney costumes for kids.

Even little boys are getting involved a bit more in this trend. Classic Disney character costumes such as Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story are perennial favorites with the younger male age.

Admittedly, most of the sales of kids’ Disney costumes are for younger females but these two outfits make up the vast majority of all sales of Disney costumes available for boys–which, there are not as many selections to begin with.

Where the real interest in kids’ Disney costumes lies is with the lines available for little girls. Minnie Mouse costumes are one of the annual favorites year in and year out. A relatively recent Disney film that attracts a lot of interest in the costume area is The Little Mermaid. The Ariel character costume is a hot seller over the last few years.

One would be remiss if one did not mention another standard Disney costume favorite–Tinker Bell. Then, of course, there are several choices available in Disney princess costumes. Leading the way always is Cinderella. Yet, there is a lot of growing interest in Princess Tiana and Belle costumes currently.

Whatever the choice is, kids’ Disney costumes make a great option of fun not just for Halloween but all throughout the year. In an age of never-ending video games and other technological toys, there is always something to be said for the simplicity and innocence of a child’s own imagination. Watching children playing pretend games and dressing up in a pretend manner remind us of our own times as kids.

Anyone who is an adult typically remember such thoughts with much fondness. There is a whole lot more creativity and mental effort that goes into creating the world of “make-believe” than simply relying on the latest video/audio gadget. It takes us all back to a time when things were just a little less fast-paced and a lot more simple and wholesome. Kids Disney costumes embody those thoughts and feelings.

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