Halloween is a great time to dress up as your favorite celebrity and live in their shoes for a night.  Michael Jackson is a popular and topical choice at the moment and will be for years to come. He was the master of song, stage and dancing and the iconic moonwalk will forever be linked to him. Dressed up in a Michael Jackson costume and possibly a mask as well would make an excellent night.

One perennial for women who love some glamour and elegance is to dress up as Marilyn Monroe with that iconic hairstyle, red lips and full-skirted white dress. Live your dream and what might have been a few years earlier. Gone but never forgotten.

Or perhaps you would prefer more of a jungle feel and go as Jane Goodall who is famous for her work with chimpanzees. Dress up in tight slacks and long boots and fasten your hair in a ponytail. Put binoculars around your neck and tuck a chimpanzee under your arm (stuffed of course) and you will certainly appear the part.

What about Elvis Presley? Not only can you dress up but you can demonstrate your singing talent also. Of course, you will need white sequinned suit with a red shirt. White shoes, gold chains, dark glasses and lots of hair grease will finish the look off.

Tina Turner, anyone? Are you short and feisty? Do you love short skirts and have a voice you can project? Then Tina Turner would probably suit you!

Or perhaps you are a closet dare-devil. Then an Evel Knievel costume would be the right one for you. Get a white or red jumpsuit and stick some stars and stripes on it. You should also have a helmet, some dark glasses and leather gloves to look the part.