When the holidays roll around there are probably quite a number of people on your list . Some of them may be fun to buy for, others, not so much. It’s always fun, however, to buy Christmas gifts for your pooch. Here’s a list of the 10 best Christmas gifts for your dog:

Think about what your dog wants, since it’s simple to think of items you would like to buy for your pooch?   Put yourself in your pup’s shoes, or rather your pooch’s paws, and think about what they’d want for Christmas.

1. Would your puppy approve of a new dog bed?Dog beds are made up of a number of materials, and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Even if your K9 already owns a good bed, give them an additional one so they can nap in ultra comfort anywhere in the house, so search for the best possible bed. Many environmentally friendly options are out there for you Eco-conscious folks.

If your furry friend is older, then there are a number of Christmas presents they’d like including::

2. Elevated dog bowls. This is particularly useful for larger dogs or for aged dogs that have difficulty leaning over to eat. When your pooch doesn’t have to bend down low to eat out of their bowl on the floor, they are much more comfortable. A simple fix, yet practical, and one your puppy will love.

3. Dog ramp. Actually, there are several types of dog ramps. One model is great for small dogs in pain from arthritis, or to help your pup climb up on the bed. Another type of ramp is one that can help your dog easily get into your car or truck. You don’t have to purchase the first one you come across, when shopping for a dog ramp. There are permanent ramps, fordable ramps, ramps with steps and ramps without steps.

4. Treats. Food motivates dogs, right?A favorite holiday present is a stocking filled with delectable dog bones or other tasty goodies.

5. Snackshotz. A Snackshotz dog treat launcher combines both your dog’s affection for the game of catching treats in mid air, as well as enjoying those tasty treats. Plus , it’s fun for you.

6. A dog house. If your K9 enjoys spending time outdoors , give them a place to call home. Someplace to take naps, but still enjoy the fresh air, or a place to hide their favorite toys and treats – a place of their own. Of course, dog houses are not cheap , ranging from less than a hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, but you can build your own dog house, if you’re a do-it-yourself. Plans can be found online.

7. Toys. What’s your dog’s favorite kind of toy?Some dogs love squeaky toys, some love Frisbee, some love balls, and some just love any toy they can shred to bits. A wonderful way to show your dog that you love them is with a new toy basket chock full of your dog’s favorite toys.

8. An opportunity to spend more time with you. Traveling with your dog, although tricky, can be made easier with numerous choices available to you. If you have a toy breed, for example , that can’t walk for miles with you when you hike, you can place them in a carrier.

9. Buy them a life jacket, if they spend time with you on a boat, so that you can keep them safe.

10. Car comfort and safety. Do you take your dog along with you wherever you go?Both of you can have a much safer, and more simple, trip by having a dog car seat or car seat protector.

Shopping for your dog can be so much fun. There are a ton of wonderful gifts to give your dog and we’ve only just begun to note them with these top 10 best Christmas gifts for dogs.