The process of learning wine making is really not all that difficult. You just have to be willing to put a bit of time and effort into it and you should come out with some really great results. You may even find that you have a passion for wine making and it may end up becoming one of your favorite hobbies.

Fortunately, it does not take a lot of space in the home for wine making, depending of course on how big an operation you plan to have. Additionally, federal law limits the amount of spirits allowed to be produced by an individual for their personal consumption. In many instances, home wine making will produce about four, maybe five gallons per year, with the barrels used for the red wine to ferment taking up the lion’s share of the space.

Purchasing the Tools

If you think that making wine is as simple as tossing grapes in a bucket and stepping on them then you are clearly mistaken. You will need solid tools that can create homemade wine. The process for making homemade wine may take a few weeks. Please note that this does not necessarily mean that the process is overly complicated. It isn’t; however, it does require the right tools and they can be purchased from any number of reliable internet sources. Also, they can be purchased quite cost effectively as well.

With red wine, once the grapes are crushed and the needed sugar and yeast are added, the peels remain in the juice throughout the fermentation processed. They are removed when the juice is strained to be put into the bottles. For homemade wine making, the peels are removed before the fermentation process begins, and the wine is usually not fermented in wood barrels. When making rose wines, the peels are removed about half-way through the process and then allowed to ferment before being transferred to bottles.

The art of wine making is an ancient one, with proof showing it has been around for thousands of years. Many families have been involved in wine making on a personal level for many generations while some other are just realizing the fun and excitement they can experience by making their own beverage.