If you’re looking for a relaxing time with your friends, you may want to consider playing card games.  Many people have card nights with their friends or family, and they’re a great way of catching up with each other and having some fun.  What do you need to have a successful card night?  Well, not much, actually.


The first thing you’ll need, of course, are several decks of cards.  Some card games only need one deck, while others need two or three.  If you have a lot of people playing, you will probably need multiple decks.  These cards can be of any type, but most people like using two or three decks that are at least the same shape.  It is usually helpful to have three decks with different back designs, though, so you can easily split the cards back into three separate decks after you play.  You may also need chips or other accessories depending on what game you’re playing.


Now you have to decide on your playing card game accessories.  Some people like to have friends over for dinner before they play.  However, others enjoy a night of snacks and drinks.  If you’re going to make mixed drinks, it’s helpful to have a small mini-bar or even just a small table to place all the liquor and glasses on.  If you’re having snacks, be sure you have a place to put the snacks that won’t interfere with your card playing. 


Some people do game themes.  If you’re playing black jack for the night, for example, you may want to do some sort of theme based on 21 or on jacks.  If you’re hosting a card game night to learn new games, it might be helpful to create a list of rules for each game you’ll be learning.  Other people do themes based around their snacks or drinks.  It all depends on how elaborate and how fancy you want to get.  If you and your friends get together every week to play cards, you may just want to have drinks, chips, and salsa instead of doing something really fancy.  Either way, the main goal of the night is to have fun!


Another thing to consider is seating.  You want to be certain that everyone can fit around your table and that you have enough chairs.  It’s important to have a little space between each person so that no one can see another person’s cards.