You can find a small variety of Halloween costumes in the store. But when you look at the cost and the absence of creativity homemade costumes are more cost-effective. Getting your kids to help out with their homemade costumes will be a memory they’ll never forget and so much better than a store bought one.

Good Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are some inexpensive, homemade Halloween costume ideas that will cost little money and show lots of imagination.

Scarecrow: An over-sized flannel shirt, some straw, and faded jeans with patches will make a great scarecrow. Stuff the jeans and shirt with plastic grocery bags and leave a little straw hanging out of the shirt and jeans. A little makeup will complete your scarecrow costume.

Ghost: Ghosts are an old stand-by that never goes out of style. Just use a an old sheet cut holes for eyes and for the treat bag you can piece together scraps or you can use a pillow case. You can dress your ghost up a bit by making lips out of red lipstick and a few false eyelashes. Or you could color a beard and moustache with markers. You may want to create a colorful ghost by using a sheet covered with polka dots or one that is brightly colored.

Creating a clown Halloween costume is easy and fun all you need is sweat clothes and fabric pain or markers if you don’t want the clothes .  Sew on some pom poms, use an inexpensive wig with a large, colorful hat, and you could even stuff the clothing with tissue (although the tissue will be a problem if the need for a restroom break arises).

Good Halloween Costume Ideas

Hippy: You can become a hippy from the 1960s with a tie-dye shirt and faded jeans with holes in the knees. Combine this with a headband, a ponytail wig, and a jacket or vest covered in fringe and you will have the most authentic looking hippy costume of all time. 

Nerd: Halloween is the time to dress like something completely out of character. You or your child could dress as a typical nerd like the ones they portray on TV. you know the ones white button up shirt high water pants that are to small and pulled past the belly button suspenders and the white socks that go clear past your knees . Don’t forget to tape one corner of the glasses for a true nerd appearance. Oh don’t forget to use lots of hair gel to slick your hair back and some goofy buck teeth would put the icing on the cake.

Soda Can: Find an inexpensive plastic barrel and cut a hole in the bottom. Then paint the barrel your favorite can of soda you can also make holes in the side for arms. {With holes for arms and your head, a simple barrel can transform your child into a soda can.}

Your kids or kid will be a the hit of the party no matter where you go and the homemade Halloween costumes will be a hit with your friends.

That’s something your kids will remember forever I know I did when my mom made my lady bug costume and I was only five it’s a good memory to have.

Good Halloween Costume Ideas