Having an Easter egg hunt is always fun, but the fun is over quickly and your guests (both large and small) are soon on their way home.  To make the fun last, why not combine your Easter egg hunt with an Easter party?  This way your egg hunt will still be the highlight but you can offer your guests lots of other fun in the form of treats and fun!  Your party can be a way to celebrate Easter and the arrival of spring with family and friends, or a chance to catch up with your neighbors after a long winter. No matter what, with a little planning you can make your Easter egg hunt party a huge success.  Check out these ideas for having a great Easter egg hunt party!

Set the theme with the invitations. You can let your guests know with pastel colored invitations that they are invited to an Easter egg hunt and party. While simple invitations are easy to make, you can print them from your computer, you want to be sure they reflect the tone of your party.  Ribbon wrapped around your invitation or simple embellishments will let your guests know that this will be a special event.

Fill the eggs. In addition to planning for all of the usual party events, you will want to make sure the Easter egg hunt is off the charts.  To avoid the last minute rush, start filling your eggs long before the date of the party.  You should figure about 10-12 eggs for each participant.  Fill plastic eggs with candy, small toys, and even a small amount of money. Put a coupon in a couple of the eggs to redeem for an extra special prize too large to fit in the eggs. A couple of ideas for this would be a box of chocolates or a chocolate rabbit. Enlist family and friends to help with this step.

Decorate for the party. Decorate the house and/or yard where you will be having the party with lots of themed balloons, streamers and paper cutouts. Make sure to get permission to decorate if you are planning to have the party at a location that is public.

Hide the eggs. The morning of the party you will need to hide all of the eggs. Try to make some of the eggs easy to find for the little kids and some a bit tougher for the older ones. This way everyone gets a chance to participate in the hunt.

Welcome your guests. Any young children that have been invited will be extremely excited.  While you wait for everyone to arrive you should set up a table inside with colored paper bags, colored markers and stickers. Each child can decorate a bag to use during the Easter egg hunt. After all of the children have decorated a bag you can start the egg hunt.

Plan games for the party. After the Easter egg hunt is finished you can encourage your guests to play games while you set out the refreshments. Have and egg toss or an egg relay. Play any game that has an Easter or Spring theme! This is a good time to hand out the large prizes for the special eggs.

Serve the refreshments. After a few games put out the refreshments. Some good choices are pink, fizzy punch, sandwiches cut out into shapes (rabbits, eggs, carrots), decorated Easter cookies and even baby carrots.