Who said Christmas games are only for children? You can play Christmas games for adults too that aren't so boring and serious. Get the holiday fun started with these fun-loving adult Christmas games.

Silly Adult Christmas Games

Does your group of friends look for any and every excuse to be down right silly? Why not choose a Christmas game that is based on being silly? Give each team a pair of pantyhose and eight balloons. Once the game beings, the teams start blowing up the balloons in order to stick them into the legs of the hose. To ensure the game is totally fair, the pantyhose should be queen size and the teams of equal number.

The game is done when someone from one of the teams gets all the balloons stuck in the legs of the pantyhose and then puts the fake antlers on their head and starts singing Jingle Bells. After the game is over, make sure you take pictures of everyone's silly antlers.

Adult Relay Christmas Games

Do your group of friend enjoy relay-related games? Why not make your own Santa beard? Fill up two bowls, one with cotton balls and the other with petroleum jelly. Dab petroleum jelly on each team member's chin. Their should be 5 people in each team, 10 people total. The first player in each line runs to one of the bowls to grab cotton balls and stick them to their greasy chins. After they get as many cotton balls as they can attached to their chins, the players then sprint to the next player in line for their turn.

The winning team is the one where everyone is wearing a Santa beard. This is another holiday game that really begs you to take pictures so you can show them off for years to come.

One last thing — Imagine the look on your child’s face if they received a personalized Santa Claus letter from the North Pole. It's a gift that makes a strong and lasting impression.