If you’re about to attend a Halloween party or a costume party but do not have anything to wear and don’t have time for an elaborate costume you are able to generally get away with incredibly straightforward ideas.

Some quirky costume ideas could be very easy to pull off and what’s even greater is that a last minute costume idea relies on things you already have.

While it may be quick to just purchase a ready-made costume for your party some of the most effective costume concepts are homemade affairs that need no sewing.

Here are a few thoughts to obtain you started:

Monday  Costume Idea Blues

You know that feeling of waking up on a Monday and wishing all you could do is roll right back into bed and not come out? Well this costume idea takes that feeling and makes it into a fun costume that everybody is certain to realize.

Put on a bathrobe over your cutest pajamas and mess up your hair with some hair gel. Then roll up a newspaper and put it in your bathrobe pocket, instant Monday blues.

If you’d like you are able to even carry a pillow around with you, or add some realism by putting some dark eye shadow under your eyes to create eye bags.

Abstract Art  Costume Idea

Ever wished you could look like a work of art? Now’s your chance. This costume idea is simple to put together and requires minimum effort as well. For this costume idea you will need some old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Splatter paint all over the clothes in patterns. When you’re about to go to the party hang a picture frame around your neck or hold it up against you, you are now a piece of art!

The James Bond Costume Idea

One costume idea that is also fairly easy to put together is the James Bond costume idea. This works great for couples. You will be the hit of the party as Bond and sexy Bond girl with costume jewelry. Many of us have a suit and nice cocktail dress lying around.

This is an easy look to get into after work. All you need to add to the effect is a martini glass or a toy gun. Have your beautiful Bond girl carry the martini glass while you hold onto the toy gun.

Whip out a sexy pose when anyone asks what you’re supposed to be. Another variation on this costume idea is to play the boss and the secretary. Instead of a cocktail dress your partner can come dressed in sexy office clothes.