Making this basic face mask out of plaster gauze is great fun and is the basis of many types of masks.


Plaster gauze is the same stuff that gets put on your arm when you break it. You may also know it called plaster of Paris. You will also require some scissors, vegetable oil and some water in a bowl.


Making this mask can be quite a messy procedure so make sure that you have cloths or newspapers on the floor. The person whose face you are going to make the mask on needs to be able to sit still for about 20 minutes so make sure they are comfortable.


Now cut the gauze into small pieces of varying sizes, strips and squares. Next coat the model’s face with the vegetable oil putting on a good amount over eyebrows, eyelashes and the hairline to prevent the plaster sticking.


Then take the first large strip of plaster and dip it into the water and then remove excess water. Put the strip on the model’s face. Keep going with more pieces ensuring they overlap and bond with previous pieces. Keep going until you have at least 3 layers on. Make sure that you leave spaces for eyes and mouth and nostrils.


The mask will take about 20 minutes to try and if the model then contorts his face, the mask should just pop off.


Once the mask has dried you can then paint it any way you like – happy, sad, clown, scary. And of course if you get fed up with one style you can just paint over it and start again. You could consider wearing a wig with the mask if you want to be totally unrecognisable.


And it is so quick, cheap, easy and fun to make these masks that you can get the whole family involved.