Dance costumes are essential if or your child is in dance class, chances are you’ll be forced to purchase the costumes of the dance instructor’s choice. However, if they are performing a solo or in a solo competition, it’s different. You will be responsible for finding a solo dance costume. It can be an expensive and challenging endeavor, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Utilize these resources to help you learn where to start in your dance costume search!

Creating Your Own

Some dancers choose to create their own costumes. Most often those dancers who are performing to contemporary, jazz or hip hop will use dance wear they already own. These styles can easily be danced in most common dance class wear. However, ballet and ballroom styles often need specific dance attire.

Buying Online

One of the best places to purchase dance costumes is online. You can often find terrific deals on outlet sites. In addition, you may be able to find gently used costumes as well. Since most dancers are approximately the same size it can be easy to find someone who wants to unload their dance attire. In addition, since most competition wear is only worn once it can save you loads and give you a quality item to use.

Dance Supply Outlets

Some dancers are lucky to have local dance supply outlets. These outlets often carry dance costumes. If they don’t they can usually order costumes to suit your needs. While there are not abundant all over the country, most large cities have at least one dance costume outlet.