Adults love to play birthday games as much as any kid! But, to be successful with your adult birthday games you must have a plan before the party starts. Otherwise, they may not turn out as you expect. Take a look at these three fun adult games you can try at your next party!

Famous Names

In this game, you should pre-plan to have large stickers with the name of a famous person written on each one. Don’t allow your guests to see all of the stickers at once, but place one on their back as they come in the door. Do not allow them to see their own sticker! Tell everyone to keep everyone else’s sticker a secret from them, unless they guess it correctly. Then each player must go around asking everyone “yes” or “no” questions until they can figure out who’s on their sticker. This can be a great way to break the ice at a party.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Smile

In this game, you gather all players in a circle. The first player turns to their left and says to the person next to them, “Whatever You Do, Don’t Smile”. The second player (trying not to smile) then responds saying, “Don’t Worry, I Won’t Smile”. This continues with players who smile being eliminated. As the game goes on, people will get more creative in the delivery of their lines to get each other to smile.

I’ve Never

In this game players reveal things they’ve never done in their lives. All players start out with an equal amount of tokens. The first player starts out by revealing something they’ve never done, starting with “I’ve never…”. Everyone who have done that thing must give up a token. The game continues, clockwise with each player coming up with their own “I never…”. The last player with tokens, wins!